Lian Xiang



Lian Xiang received his B. S. degree in 2007, M. S. degree in 2009 and Ph. D. degree in 2013 from Lanzhou University, Gansu Province, China. From October 2011 to October 2012, he studied in Institute of Photonic Technologies Electronic Engineering, Aston University, UK as a visiting Ph. D. student. Since September 2014, he has been an associate professor in school of  electronics and information engineering, Soochow University, China. His research interests include information capacity estimation, compensation of nonlinearity and dispersion jointly and high-speed fiber transmission. 

Representative publications:

[1] Lian Xiang, Paul Harper, and Xiaoping Zhang, “Advanced perturbation technique for digital backward propagation in WDM systems,” Optics Express, 21 (11), pp. 13607-13616, 2013.

[2] Lian Xiang and Xiaoping Zhang, “The study of information capacity in multi-span nonlinear optical fiber communication systems using a developed perturbation technique,” IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 29 (3), pp. 260-264, 2011.

[3] Lian Xiang, Qun Feng Shao, and Xiaoping Zhang,“The study of wavelet de-noising in multi-span nonlinear intensity-modulated fiber communication systems,” 19th Annual Wireless and Optical Communications Conference, 2010. 

[4] Lian Xiang and Xiaoping Zhang, “Information capacity for multi-span nonlinear optical fiber communication systems,” 2nd International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems, 2010.